Surfing: Two World Class Breaks

There are two world-class surf breaks in front of the Aguas Azules condominium complex on this one-mile stretch of beach. The surrounding mountains channel offshore Golf Aguas Azuleswinds from Lake Nicaragua shaping perfect, glassy, shifty waves that offer big take offs, long rippable walls and big barrels on the inside section. No crowds, numerous peaks, warm water and offshore winds 330 days a year just a few meters from your home or home away.

If you are a surfer, Hacienda Iguana is the best place to be in all of Nicaragua. Each break offers a completely different surfing experience.


Panga Drops Surf Break

Directly in front of Aguas Azules is Panga Drops, an offshore, horseshoe shaped rock reef that amplifies any swell.

It is a shifty wave that offers big take offs, long rippable walls and big barrels on the inside section. It breaks best on a Sunset at Aguas Azules lower tide and can handle any size swell that hits Nicaragua. Be sure to bring a board with a little more foam since the offshore winds can hold you up a bit. Both long boarders and short boarders will love this wave.


Playa Colorado Surf Break

Surfing Playa Colorado (named after the river that forms the bank called Rio Colorado) is one of the best beach breaks in Nicaragua. Colorado requires a short paddle ouAguas Azules Surfingt and offers both rights and lefts with plenty of big, open barrels. This spot breaks best on an incoming tide and can handle swell anywhere from knee high to double-overhead and bigger. There are several peaks and plenty of waves to be had.

Easy Access

Most surfers who come to Nicaragua and stay at other resorts, end up spending most of their time traveling to the best surf breaks.

Hacienda Iguana is a private resort, with a team of guards employed to ensure security 24 hours a day and to prevent unauthorized access to the property. These surf breaks are most easily accessible to property owners. So, why waste your time and money searching for waves when you can reside in luxury and get the first glimpse of the sets rolling in as you are rolling out of bed?